Sunday, 8 May 2011

A few verses about north

Next I will share a little poem with you. I wrote it a couple of years ago and some of my friends have seen it already but I thought I could put it here anyway. The main inspiration was drawn from my unforgettable experiences in the wilds of Lapland. Here it is:

Can you feel it?
The waves of time are washing over the land
Those endless lines of majestic fells
They are the waves
So barren
So beautiful
They have been here longer than eternity
And as we watch
The midnight sun sparks them into flames
And the lakes...
The giver of life makes them shine under the high skies
Its ethereal light glowing in the water
And the wind is carrying a message...
You can feel the North everywhere around you
Observing you, listening
Guarding its children
The fells and the rocks upon them
The lakes and the life under their surface
I'm home
I can feel it...

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