Wednesday, 6 June 2012

The Spell of Winter

Regrettably, I haven't contributed anything to my blog in a long time. But now, at last, I have a text I want to present to you. It sheds some light on how nature affects me and what kind of thoughts and feelings it evokes in me. Inspired by winter in general and walks in the night in my hometown Rovaniemi, it is a mixture of a couple of more specific experiences and some general impressions about nature. I want to open my mind a bit about what kind of things I love when it comes to winter. Ideally, I will write similar texts about other seasons too but we'll see whether I get into that or not.

So here we go:

The suburbs seemed to hibernate under the soft cover of snow. There were no shouts nor laughter of people returning to their homes, no cars driving in the distance, no miscellaneous echoes of urban life. There were no singing wind, no whispering trees. Only silence.
   The air was sharply cold, quietly sneaking into my throat and crawling down to make nest in my lungs. Its freezing embrace sent tingling waves over my skin and I felt like my senses were fed by it and grew keener to notice the small meanderings of the winter spirit that flowed through the night.
   My steps left traces to the powder-like snow. It was gleaming magically under the light from the lamps illuminating the road and the light turned the cozy way into one that would lead into a fairytale if one believed in such things…
   With the whole cosmos observing me through the glimmering stars above, I continued down the road with sudden joy in my heart. I wasn’t alone. Mother Nature was strongly present in everything I laid my eyes upon. Frost-covered trees, icicles hanging from the corner of a house, mesmerizing full moon. If there’s something magical in this world, it has to be ardent in those moments.
   I halted. A path so familiar and tempting was ahead of me. It led to a forest of shadows and dreams and on that wonderful moment I couldn’t help but to answer its call once again. I reached for my pocket and took my music player out. For a second I hesitated. Then I turned it on, placed the earphones to my ears and stepped on the path that would show me the way to who knows where if I wasn’t careful.
   It was amazing, fascinating and intense. Letting my gaze roam through the landscape while freezing, wintery anthems surrounded me in the form of Bathory, Moonsorrow, Immortal, Wintersun and the like. Urban interpretations of these primeval emotional surges blended flawlessly and overwhelmingly to the scenes of nature before my eyes. With the winter now within my mind and body, I walked deeper into the icy halls under the vault of the night sky…